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Novel Breadcrumb Range

Top of the range light eating Japanese breadcrumb. Artois is lighter in both eating texture and colour which makes it ideal for Food Service applications where resistance to long fry times are required. Specialist ingredients allow RSF Ltd to create the lightest eating Japanese breadcrumb, giving the most delicate crispness to breaded products.

A light eating Japanese breadcrumb with distinctive needle shaped particles. Developed using specialist ingredients to provide a light, melt in the mouth crumb with a crisp texture. This crumb will handle on all breadcrumb enrobing equipment and is available as a toasted breadcrumb for visual highlights and a delicious toasted bread flavour.

A light, crunchy novel breadcrumb with real Olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is baked into each individual loaf of bread for an authentic taste and texture. Ideal as a coating crumb and delicious used as a topping for sauce topped products, pies and pastries.

French Baguette Style Breadcrumb
A melt in the mouth, buttery and crisp breadcrumb using fine white French flour. Ideal for crouton style toppings and luxury products.

Yorkshire Heritage Breadcrumb
Developed with sixth generations of Yorkshire flour millers’ expertise. Buttery, very crisp and light eating. Ideal for coating chilled and frozen products.

Phoenix Breadcrumb
Short eat and very crisp. A supreme crumb for coating an array of cores for retail and long-life chilled products.

Keto Breadcrumb
Light and crunchy with added cider vinegar to improve texture and offer an added tang. Perfect for premium food service and retail products.

Wholewheat Breadcrumb
Wholewheat flour is used to produce a crunchy, rustic crumb with the goodness of whole wheat and extra fibre.




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