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Ripon Select Foods Limited manufacture breadcrumb using the finest ingredients.

Breadcrumb is manufactured from wheat flour ,salt, yeast & either natural food dyes or spices (if required) to colour the crumb. Typical colourings used are Paprika, Turmeric & Annatto used either singularly or in combination as per the EC Colours Directive. Wholewheat flour is also used to manufacture a Wholewheat Crumb. Breadcrumb is manufactured in a variety of grists to suit individual customer requirements. Currently the Company produces over 200 different combinations of grist, colour & packaging. Breadcrumb can also be lightly oiled to help prevent dusting.

Breadcrumb is available in a variety of pack sizes from 5kg to 1000kg on either wood, plastic or GKN pallets.

Classic, Samurai, Litebite and Artois are all available in the following combinations of grist and colour as tabulated below:

PLEASE NOTE: Due to variations in photography and pc screen settings, the images shown here cannot be guaranteed as exact colour matches, please contact us for further details and samples.

Size Fine Medium Coarse 5 4 2
crumb 11 fine crumb 11 crumb 11 coarse crumb 115 crumb 114 crumb 112
Max Particle (mm) 1.6 2.0 2.6 3.4 6.0 20.0 x 10.0


Colour 13 14 15 18
crumb 13 crumb 14 crumb 15 crumb 18
Dyes K & T A & T K & T P & T


Orange Apricot Yellowy Orange Yellowy Orange


Colour 19 30 31
crumb 19 crumb 30 crumb 31
Dyes P & C P K


Orange Peach Peach


Colour 42 48 49 52 70 71 72
crumb 42 crumb 48 crumb 49 crumb 52 crumb 70 crumb 71 crumb 72
Dyes T & K C & P T & K T & K P P P


Yellow Yellow-orange Yellow Golden Yellow Dark Orange Dark Orange Dark Orange
P = Extract of Paprika  E160c
A = Extract of Annatto E160b
C = Extract of Curcumin E100;
T = Extract of Turmeric (Spice)
K = Extract of Paprika (Spice)

Low Volume

Recommended Cooking Method: Fry only
Texture: Hard, crunchy
Typical Applications: Used to achieve high fill weights in retail packs.


Recommended Cooking Method: Fry or grill
Texture: Hard, crunchy
Typical Applications: Fish Fingers, fish fillets croquettes, nuggets, schnitzel, retail packs.


Recommended Cooking Method: Fry, grill or oven
Texture: Light, crisp
Typical Applications: Any coated product which is required to be ovenable.


Recommended Cooking Method: Fry, grill or oven
Texture: Very light, short, long lasting crispness
Typical Applications: Luxury coated products which require superior ovenability. Cold finger food. Products requiring long fry time.


Recommended Cooking Method: Fry, grill or oven
Texture: Ultra light, very short, long lasting crispness
Typical Applications: Premium products requiring optimum ovenability.



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