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Rusk Plant

Rusk is manufactured from wheat flour, salt and a raising agent by a traditionally slow process of baking, drying, gristing and blending to produce a consistently high quality product capable of absorbing twice its own weight of water without being soft and pasty.

Although processing is traditional, manufacturing techniques have changed with much of the plant being automated and PLC controlled.

Rusk is manufactured in a variety of grist sizes.

Grist sizes: (for guidance only)

Extrafine 75% passes through a 0.250mm sieve.
Superfine 95% passes through a 0.472mm sieve.
Pinhead 95% passes through a 1.75mm sieve.
Medium 95% passes through a 2.00mm sieve.
Coarse 95% passes through a 3.50mm sieve.
Wholewheat 95% passes through a 2.00mm sieve.

Rusk can be packed in either paper or plastic 20 kg sacks or in 500 kg, 750 kg, 1000 kg, IBC’s.

Palletisation is as per customer preference with the quantity per pallet to suit the customer stacked on either GKN Blue, Wood or Plastic Pallets.



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