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Blending & Mixing Plant

All blending and mixing is by computerised batch control of ingredients and blending recipes. Our unique bar-code system provides full traceability from goods being received, through the Blending process and into the finished product.

Products manufactured on our Blending plant include the following:


A full range of Adhesive & Tempura batters are manufactured for a wide variety of applications. These are all tailor made on a dedicated Blending plant to individual customer requirements. They range from simple Adhesive Batters to complex Tempuras that may be seasoned if required.

Breaders and Predusts

Breaders and Predusts can be manufactured and supplied individually or as a system to work in combination. They can also be combined in a system with a unique Batter.

Breaders are usually based on Breadcrumb and contain a mixture of spices and herbs or flavours to add visual excitement and enhanced eating experience to meat products. Production is by a careful blending process of quality approved raw materials.

Predusts are the ideal intermediate coating to provide unique flavouring to meat products before being coated with Breadcrumb or a Breader.

Stuffing Mixes

A comprehensive range of stuffing mixes are made on site. These are primarily based on the Breadcrumb and Rusk. Manufacture is by careful blending and mixing of a variety of carefully sourced ingredients to produce a consistent finished product.

The standard range consists of:

  • Sage & Onion
  • Cranberry & Orange
  • Apple & Apricot
  • Parsley, Thyme & Lemon
  • Rosemary & Thyme

Other varieties are available for individual manufacture.



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