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Ripon Select Foods Ltd distribution operates from its own 90,000 sq.ft. warehouse.

Stock control is fully computerised with each pallet having its own unique bar-code and number, allowing for full traceability of all product manufactured or purchased. With the use of hand held scanners and touch screens stock is completely ‘real-time’. This allows for fast responses to customer orders and queries.

Stock levels can be tailor-made to suit customers ‘Just -in-Time’ systems; over 800 different products are held in stock at any one time.

Ripon Select Foods Ltd and its staff take pride in its ‘can do’ attitude to customers and always strive to ensure that the customer is fully satisfied.


All products are packed in plastic sacks from 5 kilos to 20 kilos and in polypropylene IBCs for semi bulk applications up to 1000 kilos. Palletisation is as per customer preference with the quantity per pallet to suit the customer stacked on either GKN Blue, Wood or Plastic Pallets.

All pallets are protected by a Stretched Plastic Hood or by Stretch Wrap and a loose cover.



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