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breadcrumb products

Breadcrumb Plant

Breadcrumb is manufactured from wheat flour, salt, yeast & food dye or spices if required to add colour. Typical colourings used are Paprika, Turmeric & Annatto used either singularly or in combination Wholewheat flour is also used to manufacture a Wholewheat Breadcrumb.

Breadcrumb is manufactured in a variety of grists to suit individual customer requirements. Currently the Company produces over 200 different combinations of grist, colour & packaging. Breadcrumb can also be lightly oiled to help prevent dusting.

Breadcrumb is manufactured by a process of mixing the ingredients into a dough, dividing the dough into manageable pieces, then moulding & proofing prior to baking. Once baked the loaves are then dried & shredded prior to being sieved & ground to the correct size before being packed.



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