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breadcrumb products


Predusts are the base component of a coating system. They help prepare the substrate for building the coating system, helping adhesion by ‘lock-and-key’.

We have a wide variety of Predusts either off-the-shelf or tailored towards your taste, functionally or manufacturing needs.

Flavoured Predusts

  • Lemon & Cracked Black
  • Louisiana Fried Chicken
  • Smokey Cajun
  • Garlic & Herb
  • Sun Dried Tomato
  • Churrasco
  • Tandoori

Functional Predusts

  • High Adhesive
  • Pre-cook
  • High Starch
  • Coarse (to allow free flow through processing equipment)
  • Fry-Free

All can be suitably tailored for meat, poultry, fish or vegetable applications.




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