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Topping Crumbs

Gremolata Style Topping
Ciabatta breadcrumbs blended with Extra Virgin Olive oil, zesty lemon, garlic and rubbed parsley. Perfect paired with sea bass or as a crunchy pizza topping.

Peppercorn & Oat Topping
Crunchy breadcrumbs with cracked peppercorns and flaked oats. Sprinkle onto pies and pasties for an added crunch.

Fish Pie Style Topping
Golden breadcrumb blended with dill seeds and dill tips. Top mini fish pies or cod loins.

Buckwheat & Spelt Topping
Crisp, golden breadcrumb blended with buckwheat and spelt flakes.

Festive Spice Topping
An aromatic, festive mix of spices blended with vibrant orange breadcrumb. Dress joints of ham.




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