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Each year our NPD team publishes our latest trend report detailing the food and drink we will be consuming in the year ahead. We incorporate these trend forecasts and market insight into our products, taking inspiration from global cuisines and ingredients. Here detailed are just some of our delicious products we have created in the past year inspired by the hottest trends.

Salsa Criolla Sprats
Fresh Sprats seasoned with tomato, onion, garlic and cracked black pepper and dressed in a parsley and chilli visual breadcrumb.

New Mexican
Hot Chipotle Chicken Tacos
Chicken tenders wrapped in a smokey, hot chipotle and taco breader. Topped with a rich mole sauce and avocado salsa.

West African
Berbere Dumplings
Lentil dumplings spiced with a North African spice blend Berbere and dressed with crispy breadcrumbs, chilli and millet.

Middle Eastern
Chermoula Spiced Fishcakes
Chunky cod and creamy potato marinated with a citrusy, spiced Chermoula style seasoning. Topped with a crunchy blend of breadcrumbs, buckwheat, spelt and rubbed mint.

Leaf to Root
Salted Lime & Coriander Sweet Potato Fries
Sweet potato fries wrapped in a crisp salted lime and coriander tempura batter. Dip into piquant scotch bonnet tomato chutney.




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